Torgyr Thunder-Touched

Dwarven Storm Oracle


Torgyr Thunder-Touched is a young dwarf with golden brown skin, stormy gray eyes, and wild honey-brown hair and beard in which he braids copper and gold ringlets. These match the warm-hued brass and copper buckles, plates, and studs of his armor and harness. Only his jagged tipped spear leans to cool metallic tones. His round shield is festooned with lightning motifs surrounding the center boss, and a brace of javelins ride in a wide quiver strapped to his back over a tattered cape.


Born into the dwarven merchant clan of the legendary armorer Traban of Sigil, Torgyr from a very young age did not fit in with his kin. His birth was heralded by fiercesome thunderstorms that lashed the Outlands realms of the Dwarven Mountain for 9 straight days. As Torgyr approached adolescence his gifts and curse started becoming apparent. Nearly everyone who even casually brushed his skin would feel a static shock, most were mild, but those who annoyed or angered Torgyr would recoil in pain from a visible arc of electricity. Conversely, Torgyr had absolutely no aptitude with crafting objects of stone and he suffered many mishaps on projects involving earth works. Torgyr also never felt comfortable beneath the mountains, only resting peacefully beneath open sky.

So it was decided he would travel in the company of ancient Traban’s son Tarholt to learn the merchant’s profession. These forays took him across the ‘Land from Ironridge to Glorium, Sylvania to Tir Na Og, even Tradegate and Sigil the City of Doors. One night drinking in the Cage took him on a door hopping bar crawl starting at the Portaljammer, and proceeding across the Wards until arriving at the Civic Festhall, where he met a fellow reveler who bought him a “to-go” cup and spirited him through a forgotten broom closet door onto the Infinite Staircase near the landing where the Planewalker’s Guild called kip. From then on the dwarven lad pledged affiliation to the Planewalkers and strived to join their full ranks.

Today he takes as many odd jobs as he can find that lead him to new planes and worlds beyond the Great Wheel. His most recent employer, the half-dragon bard Illyana Starsinger of the Seven Stars of the Lady’s Ward are just such an opportunity.

Torgyr Thunder-Touched

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