The Crossroads of the Multiverse

There are places among the myriad planes that act as nexus points. Many of these have given rise to the great multiplanar cities.

Canny planewalkers know the names. Carrigmoor, The City of 7 Seraphs, The City of Brass, The City of Glass, The Elserryn Cluster, Galisemne, Shadow Absalom, Sigil, Tovag Barragu, Tu narath, the demiplane known as the Worldscape, The World Serpent Inn, Edge Station, and Shadow Absalom Station. Centers of crosstrade, and gateways to the infinite planes and alternate timelines of the multiverse.

It is now twelve years since the Faction War rocked Sigil, and the rise of the Guilds. As the ripples of the Mindwar crash across the planes, it is up to our heroes to hold the line and preserve these nexus points. This leads to a merry chase across the planes, much to the delight of the Queen of Thistles.

Rules: Pathfinder 1e , augmented with extensive House Rules. We also use the following: Paizo Critical Hit and Critical Fumble decks, Ultimate Psionics, Dark roads and Golden Hells, City of 7 Seraphs. Other sources are frequently allowed but must be pre-approved by the DM.
Setting: Spelljammer / Planescape / City of Seven Seraphs / Beyond Countless Doorways
Rating: Adult themes, NSFW.
Emphasis: Role Playing, not roll playing. Hero point awards for good characterization and role-playing are standard. Creation of setting material- character journals, sketches, etc. is highly encouraged
Psionics: Yes, using Ultimate Psionics for core psionic rules. Psychic magic and Occult Rules are also in play.
Firearms: Emerging Firearms
Starting Level: 4th
Character Backgrounds: Due to the multiplanar nature of the setting all character concepts will be considered. Eberron, Ptolus, Ravenloft, Greyhawk, Planescape, d20 Modern, Dragonstar, Dragonlance, Spelljammer, Iron Kingdoms and other settings are subsets of the main game and are valid choices.
Character Generation: Roll 4d6, reroll any 1’s once, keep the top three. Do this six times and arrange the resulting stats as you wish. We will be using Action Points, and Traits
Game Night: Every Other Wed, Playing using Zoom.

Planejammer: The Parasol Patrol

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